What You Can Learn from the Startup that Pulled Piano Lessons into the Internet Age

What You Can Learn from the Startup that Pulled Piano Lessons into the Internet Age

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Many parents reading this suffered from piano lessons from their childhood. They may have been forced to take them when they were younger, and / or they could have had their children follow the ritual.

I don’t want to give bad rap to private piano lessons here. I have played the piano practically all my life and I performed Chopin’s “Fantaisie-Impromptu” when I was Miss Missouri at the Miss America Pageant. However, I know that many young people find piano lessons a chore and I also know that later in life, many adults wish they had studied the piano or tried harder when they took lessons in their youth. .

One of the best things about technology today is that it can help us learn from the things we missed earlier in life. Technology does this by making learning more convenient and less expensive. Sometimes it can also customize the delivery of content to better suit our individual learning styles.

Image Credit: Skoove

In fact, I think one of the most exciting areas today is that of learning technology, or e-learning. You can’t watch TV without seeing an advertisement for an online university, for example.

One of the most recent and best examples in this area is Skoove, a very technophile online piano teaching system. I think it can get more children to play the piano and also make the dreams of many adults come true by providing them with a convenient way to learn basic piano skills.

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For children, working with a computer and an Internet connection probably corresponds more to the way they prefer to spend their time. For adults, being able to learn the piano in the privacy of their own homes and whenever they have the time are the main selling points.

“Sixty-one percent of people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Germany would like to learn a musical instrument, but currently only a fraction do. With Skoove, we hope to make this dream a reality for anyone with access to a computer and eager to learn, ”said Dr. Florian Plenge, co-founder and CEO of Skoove.

I checked the technology and it works well. You need an electronic keyboard and it must have a USB or MIDI interface to be able to be connected to the computer you will be using. The setup was simple for my MIDI and I went through some of the introductory lessons. (A version that works with an acoustic piano is under development.)

You get your instructions on the computer screen. It illustrates what you need to do, and then you basically follow it. The software is able to measure your progress to help you track your progress.

Image Credit: Skoove

“We designed Skoove to combine the best elements of a live tutor – giving real-time feedback and adapting to the student – with all the convenience of the web, being available everywhere 24/7, and at a fraction of the price, “Plenge said.

In fact, you can take the education system on a fairly decent test drive without paying anything or even entering your credit card – which I really appreciate in online trading.

Skoove has a lot of support. He left Microsoft Ventures Accelerator and recently completed a start-up financing round with the largest German fund in the start-up phase, the High Tech Gründerfonds. I mention this because teaching / learning / information sharing is one of the strongest industrial fields in the startup world.

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Not everyone will get the high level of support that Skoove has received, but almost anyone can develop educational materials online and find a market for them. Ask yourself questions like these:

  • What is my particular area of ​​knowledge?
  • What did I do?
  • What do I like to do?

The answer to any of these can provide direction for developing an online business based on the knowledge you have or the knowledge you will work hard to gather.

You don’t need to develop sophisticated software like Skoove. I recently heard how a local martial arts instructor started a very successful online business by selling videos that featured specific self-defense tactics. He said his first videos were very crude, but sold well nonetheless.

And even in music, less high-tech strategies work. I know musicians who supplement their income by offering lessons via Skype. In addition, many of them even use Craigslist to help them find students. There is nothing too difficult in there.

So, does the story of Skoove touch you? Are you ready for piano lessons, or are you even more ready to prepare your own lesson and start selling it?

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