Start Your Own Company Before Technology Takes Your Job

Start Your Own Company Before Technology Takes Your Job

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I recently visited a factory that designs and manufactures robots for the manufacturing industry. As my guide proudly showed off the smart robots his company makes for a customer, I asked him how many employees each robot would replace. He replied timidly, “20.” This is just one example of how technology is replacing jobs at an accelerated rate in almost all industries. It’s also why I biked from coast to coast and interviewed 100 entrepreneurs – but I’ll get to that in a minute.

We see the impact of technology all around us. E-commerce is reducing the number of jobs in retail. Self-service kiosks eliminate positions in grocery stores. Computers do work in the service sector. The software replaces analysts and accountants. Online learning is changing the traditional brick-and-mortar educational model. And smart cars and delivery drones can cut millions of jobs in the transportation industry.

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What does this mean for our future careers? A multitude of recent studies suggest that:

  • Almost half of our professions could become obsolete due to new technologies.
  • 80% of us will experience long periods of unemployment during our career.
  • New technologies often leave employees disconnected from meaningful work.
  • The displacement of jobs due to the acceleration of technology will mainly affect the middle class.

I am not an alarmist. We have survived major job changes in the past. Over the years, we have moved from an agricultural economy to a manufacturing economy to an information economy. The important question today, however, is whether we can keep up with the changes that technological development will require. Some experts believe that it will take longer to develop jobs this time, because jobs are being eliminated much faster than new industries are created to replace these jobs.

While we don’t know what exactly the jobs of the future will look like, we can probably count on more outsourcing, more contract work, more project-based opportunities, more part-time jobs and periods. shorter jobs. Therefore, the greatest need for us to create our own meaningful jobs and organizations.

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So I rode a bike across America and interviewed 100 remarkable entrepreneurs who have managed to merge their livelihoods and way of life in attractive places where they want to live. These entrepreneurs are excellent models for navigating our new economy, because they have created jobs for themselves and for others in places where there are none. Here are some of my observations on these creators of innovative companies:

  • They take full responsibility for their own livelihoods.
  • They find needs in their community for which they are qualified.
  • They create multiple streams of income to support themselves.
  • They are making various long-term investments in their future.
  • They create an exceptional personal brand in their community.

I call this career strategy “ME, LLC” because it places each of us at the center of our own future. This may involve starting a main business, starting a second business, perhaps completing projects and investing in real estate and other opportunities. This new career model looks like this:

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As technology continues to cut jobs and transform industries, we must all create our own ME, LLC. After completing my 4,000 mile bike ride across America, I am more confident than ever that any passionate and tenacious person can do it. To be successful, we must learn to identify the important needs of our community, develop strategies to meet those needs, build a community of loyal customers, cultivate multiple income streams and build a strong personal brand – all things we can learn to make .

It’s time to start creating ME, LLC.

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