Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine: Don’t Get Precious with Your Passions

Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine: Don't Get Precious with Your Passions

Listen to episode 7 of the Ready For Anything podcast, with Linda Lacina and Shamus Jones with the audio player below.

Picklemakers know theirs. They have Popeye-type forearms thanks to the lifting of massive glass cases and bushels of cucumber day after day. There is usually a slight scent of vinegar around them. And although they are a special combination of wired and exhausted, there is a light in their eyes.

This light is a passion, and it’s something that helped Shamus Jones of Brooklyn Brine build his independent food business literally by hand, spending nights with his team in a shared kitchen washing and chopping, detonating Slayer background. In five years, his business has grown from producing 100 jars per week to an expanded operation that produces more than 15,000, with customers in Japan and Australia.

In this lively conversation, Jones shares the key decisions that spurred growth, including a conversation with the founder of craft beer Steve Hindy who helped him embrace automation. He also shares the importance of networks, listening to a business and the dangers of being too precious with his passion.

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