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Who is Jim Cramer (James Cramer)

Jim Cramer is a media personality and a stock market expert. He is a former hedge fund manager, columnist and author of numerous books and articles, as well as the host of CNBC “Mad money, “Radio CBS”Real money“and co-anchor of”Squawk on the street. ”

Cramer’s claim to glory is his explosive, “face-to-face” style in which he gives recommendations and analysis on the actions presented and suggested by viewers. Jim Cramer is also one of the founders of TheStreet.com, a popular financial investment website, where he provides daily market commentary and runs Action Alerts PLUS, a charitable trust portfolio. He is a frequent guest on numerous shows and sites discussing stock market trends and prospects.

BREAKDOWN Jim Cramer (James Cramer)

Although Cramer gives his opinion on the investment value of a given stock, he encourages his viewers to do their research on the underlying companies before buying stocks. Many Cramer viewers buy or sell stock positions simply because he has recommended them. This effect is so important that the price of a stock can go up significantly for a few days after its recommendation, nicknamed “The Cramer Bounce”, due to the increased buying pressure.

Jim Cramer review

Jim Cramer has many fans, but also many critics. Critics often point out that Cramer may be inconsistent in his investment outlook, as he often appears to be switching from a bullish to a bearish position, to reflect current market sentiment. He had his fair share of failures. In 2008, for example, he interviewed the C.E.O. of Wachovia live on the air, in fact talking about the actions of the company immediately before his fall.

Cramer’s tough personality and straightforward manners have earned him an excellent reputation. In fact, like New york times reports, he “gets away with a lot” because it also saves people a lot of money, including himself. His slogan on “Mad Money” is that he is not here to “make friends, but to make you money”.

Cramer himself has also been open to his personal life, as in his autobiography, “Confessions of a Street Addict”, which provided an insight into the culture of hedge funds as well as his life difficulties.

Although Cramer may be able to provide an overview of the market due to its long history on Wall Street and its financial history, its advice is limited to people who will have financial portfolios, risk tolerances and needs. different investment.

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