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DEFINITION of Hyperledger Sawtooth

Hyperledger Sawtooth is an open source project under the auspices of Hyperledger and operates as an enterprise-level blockchain system used to build and operate applications and networks of distributed registers, especially for businesses.

BREAKDOWN Hyperledger Sawtooth

Developed by Intel Corp (INTC), the underlying design concept of Hyperledger Sawtooth aims to keep the registers truly distributed and to make smart contracts much more secure and therefore suitable for businesses.

In most standard blockchain-based systems, the core and applications are hosted and run on the same platform, which can lead to performance issues as well as security issues.

Hyperledger Sawtooth separates the main registry system from the application-specific environment, thereby simplifying application development while keeping the system safe and secure. Using this architecture, a developer can create applications in the programming language of his choice which can be hosted, operated and executed on the periphery of the system without interfering with the main blockchain system.

Supported languages ​​include C ++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python and Rust. A Sawtooth application can be based on basic business logic required for a business need, or it can be developed and run as a smart contract virtual machine with a stand-alone mechanism to create, notify and execute contracts between various participants on the blockchain.

The main system allows the applications to coexist on the same blockchain, selects the transaction rules, selects the necessary authorization mechanism and defines the consensus algorithms that are used to finalize the operation of the digital register in order to best meet the needs of a business.

Sawtooth allows selective permissions – that is, one can easily deploy certain selected clusters of Sawtooth nodes with different permissions on the same blockchain. The registry stores the necessary details on permissions, nodes and identities.

The operating performance of the Sawtooth network is enhanced by the execution mechanism of parallel transactions, which has the upper hand over the execution mechanism of series which is often a bottleneck when dealing with high volumes of transactions. on many popular cryptocurrency networks.

Sawtooth supports the Proof of Elapsed Time (POET) consensus mechanism which offers the benefits of low resource usage and low power consumption, and is commonly used on authorized blockchain networks to decide rights to or block winners on the network. (For more information, see Proof of Elapsed Time.)

Concrete examples using applications based on Sawtooth include Sawtooth Supply Chain, which helps a company keep track of the contextual and logistical information of an asset represented on the blockchain, Sawtooth Marketplace, which helps participants trade specified quantities of digital assets on blockchain and Sawtooth Private UTXO, which facilitate the creation and trading of digital assets, including off-register and private transactions.

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