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DEFINITION of Hyperledger Explorer

Hyperledger Explorer is a blockchain utility module that allows users to create a user-friendly web application, with which a user can view, launch, organize or query various artifacts and developments that are an integral part of the blockchain network.

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Like the standard Windows Explorer and Task Manager utilities, Hyperledger Explorer can be seen as an easy way to use an interface that allows users to view the necessary network information from the blockchain. It includes details such as the name, status and list of network nodes, block details, transactions and associated data, transaction families, chain codes and any other relevant details that can be stored on blockchain.

Since all of this raw blockchain data is generally in a format that is difficult for humans to read, Hyperledger Explorer attempts to provide easy visualization using graphics, charts, images and models, in addition to the function usual research and monitoring.

Its architecture includes a web server which runs in the backend and is responsible for interacting with all the other components and maintaining the response from the necessary request server. Web sockets are used to communicate between the server and the various client components of Hyperledger Explorer. A RethinkDB database is used to store the necessary details on the blockchain components such as block information, transactions and smart contracts, and this can be requested for all necessary information. A security repository ensures that only secure and authorized access is maintained to access Hyperledger Explorer.

The following animated image presents several facets of how Hyperledger Explorer is configured and what it provides.

Image courtesy: Altoros

Hyperledger Explorer enables unified visualization at the enterprise level, which may be necessary in real time by a blockchain developer developing a particular feature or component on the blockhchain, or by a researcher seeking to study historical developments, or by blockchain operators who are responsible for managing the blockchain, or by management.

Hyperledger Explorer was born because the Hyperledger project has not stopped growing since its creation in December 2020 and is now used and contributed by more than 130 organizations around the world. With such broad adaptability, a need has arisen for an easy-to-use, human-interpretable utility that provides a dashboard view of blockchain events. Thus emerged Hyperledger Explorer, which was initially contributed by technological pillars like IBM and Intel, and by the main clearing and settlement company in the financial sector DTCC. Each of them initially developed their own versions of Explorer, then merged their efforts to achieve the common goal as part of the Hyperledger project. (See also, Hyperledger Sawtooth Definition.)

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