How Coworking Helped an Education Accelerator

How Coworking Helped an Education Accelerator

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People tend to ask me, “What makes AlleyNYC different from other coworking spaces?”

Honestly, there are different variables that have led to the explosion of the coworking industry in recent years. When AlleyNYC first opened its doors, there were only a handful of coworking spaces in New York and an even smaller number around the world. Fast forward to the present day and there are currently over 3,000 coworking spaces in the United States alone. Now I understand why this question is asked. If AlleyNYC exists within an ecosystem populated by other competitors, what sets us apart is not the fact that we are a coworking space, but the way we approach coworking differently. One way we can do this is a three-month initiative that we launched this year.

I firmly believe that educational technology is a catalyst for innovation. In addition to healthcare, the EdTech sphere will fuel the growth of the future (and by doing so, improve the lives of future generations). This is why AlleyNYC has partnered with a rising education accelerator called EDGE.

EDGE works and invests in 10 companies present in the EdTech space to help them develop their technologies and market them.

“The technologies and solutions in our 2015 cohort help lay the groundwork for the future of education,” said Don Burton, co-founder of EDGE. “They are transforming the way we use technology to better educate and have a positive impact on the world.

Over the course of six months, AlleyNYC worked with EDGE to help grow the companies listed below. It was not just about giving them a place to work. Rather, we integrated them into our community of startups, we gave them visibility and advice, and we made presentations via our own networks.

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The 10 companies below address a range of challenges and market opportunities in pre-K12, higher education, career preparation, professional development and lifelong learning. They are definitely worth watching.

· Coach Tube – develops the first sports instruction market for branded coaches in order to share their expertise with school coaches, young athletes and their parents.

· CredSpark – provides formative assessments to help publishers and brands better understand, educate and attract customers.

· ExpertKnowledge – provides Fortune 5000 customers with a pedagogical design and self-guided course development tool to transform institutional knowledge into accredited online training courses.

· Erudite Science – creates an artificial intelligence math tutor for K-12.

· Thrively – provides an assessment of children’s strengths and connects them to personalized extracurricular activities so they can discover and pursue their passions in life.

· Junior Explorers – encourages children to experience wildlife and nature through interactive learning experiences, online and offline.

· Kinems – develops a movement-based educational game platform that helps occupational therapists and special education teachers improve children’s cognitive and motor skills.

· Little Bird – offers a tailor-made human resources and benefits platform for the education sector.

· Open Online Academy – provides online training and professional development for the infrastructure sector, including architecture, structural engineering, construction and real estate to anyone, anywhere in the world .

· Ruckus Learning – provides a platform that leverages popular brands for kids and families to create interactive reading and learning experiences.

(Editor’s note: LikendisLike Media is an investor and partner of AlleyNYC, a co-working space in New York.)

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