Don’t Start an Online Business Unless You’re Willing to Run the Gauntlet

Don't Start an Online Business Unless You're Willing to Run the Gauntlet

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The idea of ​​working from home has fascinated entrepreneurs for a long time before the Internet became what it is today. Being able to work in your pajamas while earning a little money is attractive. Since the boom of the Internet era, this dream has become more and more a reality for those who seek to escape the traditional model of “work”.

The statistics are staggering and continue to rise. Around the world, 2.5 billion people connect to the Internet every day. On my last trip to Kenya, it seemed like everyone had a smartphone. Facebook has 1.4 billion active daily users. There have never been so many potential prospects in the same place.

Reaching these leads and building a profitable online business is easier to dream than to do. When you connect to a social media network, you are bombarded with deceptive ads. You are told that you can download a cheat sheet that some gurus use to make “six figures” per month. Copying ads does exactly what it is designed to do.

If you step back, you will realize that the only way these gurus make money is to teach you how to make money. If someone promises you quick success online, they’re probably trying to make you money. There are several good courses and trainers online, but for all good, there is a scammer. Here are some difficult realities of starting an online business.

Figures do not translate into revenue.

I lost count of the number of offers I received from people who want me to hire them to create my presence on social networks or my mailing list. Nowadays, you can buy numbers to try to impress potential prospects. The problem is that the numbers don’t lead to engagement, and if there is no engagement, your income will not increase.

People buy from someone they know, love and trust. They spend money where they see a community. You may have big numbers, but if your online presence is a ghost town, all you’ve done is feed your ego. Don’t chase the numbers. Focus on establishing a connection and creating a loyal following.

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The announced results are often faked.

The sad reality of the internet marketing world is that there are a lot of lies. Sales, promotions and business results are often inflated to impress prospects to do business with that person / business. These inflated results make it easier and more attractive. A building entrepreneur believes these results and spends money on a course / coach that will not help their progress.

Copying is not enough.

It would be great if we could copy someone who does what we want to do. It would be so much easier. The problem is that too many people copy, which prevents them from standing out. A potential prospect will do business with the original, not the clone.

Spending money on coaches / courses could turn you away.

When it seems progress is progressing slowly, we think about hiring a coach or buying a course online. It might help, but chances are you just need to get the job done. You might see a course / coach that overwrites it, but where they are and what they teach may not be suitable for your business. What begins as a desire for progress turns into distraction. Not to mention that there are bad coaches / courses.

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Creating freedom and adding value should always be your goal.

If wealth, fame, and the people who kiss your ring are your goal, you could do it, but it will sound hollow. LikendisLikes with an oblique orientation often break and burn. The best companies are built with a strong “why”. For the solopreneur, this “why” could be freedom. Other entrepreneurs are striving to add value to a large group of people – Elon Musk’s businesses come to mind.

It takes more than you think you can give.

At the end of the day, it takes time to build a profitable online business. It takes a lot of hard work. This work includes:

  • Establish a solid base: presence on social networks and creation of a mailing list.
  • Grow your platform: get traffic through podcast interviews, publication and guest writing for major authority sites like
  • Create products and services to sell: if you want to start a business, you must have something to sell. Create value and actionable offers.

I fully support my family through my online activity. I live in Maui and every day I wake up and enjoy the ocean. I coach, I consult, I have books, I have information products and I get paid to speak. It took three years of agitation to arrive at this place of freedom. It was not easy, but it was worth it.

You can build a profitable online business over time and without the “get rich quick” hype. Building an online business will take time and many failures, but you can do it. Create an audience and add value. Income will follow.

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