Appellate Courts


What are Courts of Appeal?

Courts of appeal are the part of the judicial system that is responsible for hearing and examining appeals from court cases that have already been heard at the trial or other lower court level. Persons or entities such as companies whose outcome is unsuccessful at first instance or in another lower court may appeal to a court of appeal to have the decision reviewed. Courts of appeal are present at the state and federal levels. These courts do not include a jury.

Key points to remember

  • Courts of Appeal hear and hear appeals from court cases that have already been heard by a lower court or other lower court.
  • Courts of appeal are present at state and federal levels and do not include a jury.
  • There are 13 federal courts of appeal, each state having its own court of appeal system, some of which include intermediate courts of appeal.

Operation of appeal courts

Courts of appeal are part of the justice system to give those who have rendered judgments against them the opportunity to have their cases reviewed. A company with an unfavorable judgment against it will probably see a drop in the share price, but an appeal could reverse this previous decision. If a call is successful, the stock price generally jumps.

Courts of Appeal review decisions of the lower courts to determine whether the court has applied the law correctly.

Appeal level courts review the conclusions and evidence of the lower court and determine whether there is sufficient evidence to support the decision of the lower court. In addition, the court of appeal will determine whether the trial court or lower court correctly applied the law. The highest form of court of appeal in the United States is the United States Supreme Court, which hears only appeals of major significance and consequence.

Court of Appeal against Supreme Court

Supreme courts have more authority than appellate courts. Meanwhile, the United States Supreme Court is the highest authority there is. Supreme courts review decisions made by appellate courts. Overall, there are 13 federal appeal courts – 12 district appeal courts and one federal circuit appeal court.

Many states have intermediate courts of appeal, which serve as courts of appeal intended to reduce the workload of the state Supreme Court. Forty-one of the 50 states have at least one intermediate court of appeal.

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