7 Things That Can Make You Look Like a Successful Entrepreneur

7 Things That Can Make You Look Like a Successful Entrepreneur

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You feel like you will succeed (someday). You feel powerful (almost). You will be doing great (very soon). You are worth a million dollars (in your mind). You are famous (roughly). All you need is a little more time … and everything will come together.

Does this sound like you? Well. This is exactly the kind of attitude that characterizes a successful entrepreneur.

You expect it. You want it. You are hungry. You are motivated. Everything is there, except reality.

Reality will come. But in the meantime, you must maintain the actions and attitudes that will produce this level of success. How do you look like a successful entrepreneur even if you haven’t arrived yet?

Here are seven principles that I have learned and that I have seen other aspiring entrepreneurs practice successfully.

1. Fake it. You will get there.

The popular expression “Fake it till you make it” works. Why? Because it’s built on real science.

Psychologists have long recognized the correlation between mind and body. when we feel in a certain way, we act in a corresponding way. The reverse is true. when we act somehow we feel a corresponding emotion.

The most common example is a smile. A smile is not only an answer to a feeling of happiness. Smiling can make you happy.

The same principle is at play in “fake it up you make it”. If you act in a certain way, your feelings, emotions, confidence levels and overall attitude will gravitate in this direction. The result? Ultimately, you do.

2. Be confident. No matter what.

One of your greatest assets is your confidence. The problem is that it is difficult to project the trust of a mind filled with fear and doubt. Many entrepreneurs and people who will soon be successful suffer from a disease known as imposter syndrome – a feeling of inferiority and personal reluctance about their status or success.

In the fast-paced and fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, impostor syndrome is rampant. Even the best performers feel the impact of self-doubt.

Either you can give in to the lying voices in your head that you are an impostor, or you can project confidence despite these opposing voices.

I suggest trust. Confidence will cover you. If you still drive a racing car, wear a cheap suit or don’t even have your own office space, be confident.

3. Ask people for help.

Smart people know how smart they are. This is why the most intelligent people are often the ones who ask for help.

The only reason I know a thing or two about online marketing is not because I am smart. It’s because I asked for help.

4. Be selective with who you spend time with.

LikendisLikes know the value of time. They understand that “spending time” is like spending money, except that money is a renewable resource, while time is not.

For this reason, you should spend time with people who make you better. You shouldn’t spend your free time in places where you are the smartest guy in the room. You should spend your time in places where you are challenged, sharp and cultured.

Successful people spend their time with other successful people. When it comes to investing your time, make smart decisions.

5. Dress the room.

Like it or not, people judge you by the way you are dressed.

I dressed like a tramp. When I made some strategic, low-budget changes to my wardrobe, everything changed. My consultation rate more than doubled, I gained new valuable customers and my business exploded.

Was it all due to my wardrobe? There was obviously luck, but the wardrobe fact to have an impact. I now spend a lot of money on beautiful clothes, but it doesn’t take much to make a difference in the way you dress.

It’s not only pleasant clothes that have an impact. These are the right clothes. Sylvia Hewlett, one of the leaders in the niche of power and influence in the workplace, says, “You have to look like you belong to the group, [and] you have to look a little better than the group. “

To be above is looking A cut above.

6. Take risks.

Good entrepreneurs take many risks. The secret to being a great risk taker is simply to start taking risks. It sounds simple, but it’s true.

Start with smaller risks that don’t have big drawbacks. Ultimately, you learn to calculate the risk level of a decision and from there, you can slowly increase the level of risk you take.

Take risks with confidence. It suits you.

7. Write your own biography online.

If someone wants to know more about you, what will they do? They google your name. They don’t track. They just want to know who you are, what you do and what you do.

You can shape what they see online and their impact. By intentionally creating and maintaining your online presence, you can develop an identity that matches who you want to be.

Your profiles on all the major social media sites should be consistent and compelling. This is your autobiography, and it affects your future. Give it the time and attention it deserves.


All those successful have faced a point in their were not so successful. Success is preceded by growth and development.

Now is the time to prepare, to work hard and to give everything you have. To become what you are destined to be, you must act accordingly.

How do you project success as an entrepreneur?

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