7 Essential Tools Every Startup Can Afford

7 Essential Tools Every Startup Can Afford

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Until your money tree has sprouted, your resources are limited. To launch your startup, your launch must be fueled by solutions that do not cost you much but that go the distance. You don’t always have to spend money to make money, which is useful when you’re trying to get started and build momentum. To help you with all aspects of getting started, here are seven economic tools you will want to add right now:

1. Web design.

A professional website makes the first impression you need to make as a startup. It establishes the perception of what your company offers in the minds of visitors. You may not think you have the budget for great website design, but Wix prove it and give it to you for free. The company has an extensive library of website design templates that can be customized to give you an instant presence without having to learn coding in your spare time. You can even get an optimized design to make sure that when potential customers find you on their smartphones, you always look great and work efficiently for their needs.

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2. Staffing.

As you get started, you will likely have to give up some of those hats you are wearing and give up. However, you are probably not able to hire full-time or even part-time employees. Tapping into the independent market on a project-by-project basis is a great way to better manage limited resources.

UpWork gives you access to some of today’s best talent in all fields, including web and mobile development, writers, designers, virtual assistants, customer service representatives and more. You can even hire a team to work for you on a limited basis. Whatever you decide to use UpWork for, you set the price.

3. Project management.

After you’ve gathered the talent you need to launch your startup, you need to stay on top of the work they do for you. It is difficult when most of them are virtual. After all, the more productivity your team can gain, the more efficiently your investment works for you, the faster you can hit the market and the faster you gain traction.

Wrike provides you with an online space to meet, collaborate, discuss and share documents and provides project management capacity to track time, create tasks and monitor roles and responsibilities. It is free for five users who just need task management features. You can upgrade for more features that include collaboration for $ 49 per month or $ 99 per month for up to 15 users.

4. Advertising.

Online advertising is an integral tactic for building traction, but it is too expensive when you do not get the leads and traffic you need. This is where a company like Clickbooth makes a significant difference without breaking the advertising budget. Its cost per action (CPA) model means that you only pay for those leads or sales you get from each campaign, rather than paying a flat marketing fee. This model helps you keep your budget tight while getting the results you need to grab attention and increase your startup’s revenue.

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5. Content marketing.

You have to get people to your website and you have to convince them to stay and come back. Your content should appear prominently in the search engines and put you in front of your target audience.

To help you get there, Searchmetrics goes beyond search engine optimization. For $ 49 per month, it offers search experience optimization, research tools to analyze your ranking and the ranking of the competition, historical keyword rankings and other tools to drive your digital media strategy. . It works regardless of your marketing budget limit.

6. Acceptance of payment.

The more payment types you can accept, the more likely you are to attract customers and get paid quickly. However, payment processors often charge “an arm and a leg” or even the whole body, making it difficult to extend your types of payment acceptance. PayFirma is evolving with a solution that accepts all types of payment types from any device.

The company only charges 1.99% and 25 cents per transaction. Her smallest plan is only $ 25 a month. For these fees, you are entitled to five users and daily sales reports, as well as the ability to perform web and mobile transactions.

7. Reference program.

Referrals are gaining ground because you have other people who spread the news of your business. Reference candy softens the referral pot by doing the work for you to create a personalized, automated referral program to fit your store and budget. The sponsorship model offers a reward structure adapted to your budget. It can include promotions, discounts, free products or more to entice your customers to share a link. It also helps to follow the process for you. It comes with a 30 day trial and different levels. For example, the small program costs $ 25 a month or 7.5% of the monthly reference sales. It includes all the regular features and unlimited visitors and lawyers, as well as the response time of technical support within 24 hours of contact.

With all this help at such a low cost, you can focus on your core business and develop it in a way that does so much with so little.

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