4 Ways to Mobilize Your Business

4 Ways to Mobilize Your Business

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How often do you take your smartphone throughout the day? When you wake up; when you wait for the shower to warm up; when you stand in line for coffee; when you receive a push note? The point is, society today lives in an alternative world, an iWorld, where everything lives in subdued blue light – including your business.

Every business must be mobile-ready, especially small businesses because they remain relevant in iWorld. We’re going to cover a handful of tips to help all (small) businesses go mobile.

1. Put your website to the test of mobile.

It is not a recommendation, it is a requirement: your website must be mobile-friendly. If you are unsure of this, it is easy to check. Simply open the site on any desktop or laptop computer, then place the cursor on the lower right of the site while dragging it to a small view. If the text and images are resized, you are gold, if not, it’s time to change. This is crucial to personalize your website or implement mobile SEO practices as needed.

2. Post your mobile ad (d).

Having a mobile advertising program for your small business is another must. Why? Simply because everyone who uses their mobile devices is not looking for your product or service directly. Mobile ads attract customers to your area. Suppose you own a pizzeria, the mobile ads will attract customers looking for “pizza” in your area.

To really differentiate your business, use a mobile app. This will help your mobile marketing with things like push notifications, geo-fencing, links to social media and beyond.

3. Engage your customers.

When you create your company’s mobile presence, put yourself in their place. Do (mobile) research on other similar businesses in your area. Find out what attracts a customer to your business the first time, and what keeps them coming back.

As mentioned earlier, your customers are always on their phones – take advantage of it. A mobile app coupled with a mobile website is a great way to build customer loyalty in addition to customer loyalty. Let the customer navigate your mobile business as easily as possible.

4. Be reactive, think native.

Responsive web design is ideal for initially attracting potential customers. When someone opens a web browser on their mobile device for research, your responsive design will find your business. A native mobile app will push them back to find out more. Responsive design is the first step to iWorld, that’s how I find the nearest pizzeria in a new city, but their customer loyalty program keeps me coming back again and again.

A native application stimulates customer loyalty and exploits customers awaiting marketing. When I wait in line for coffee, remind me that in only two other cafes I will win a free cup and it is a guarantee that I will come back for more.

Take advantage of the iWorld we have created and make sure your business is ready for the ride. Users wait to be sold, they hold mobile marketing in their hands every day. Go ahead, send this push note, allow customers to continue interacting with your business, as chances are they’re already on their phone waiting to be connected.

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