4 Calls to Action for Entrepreneurs to Unite

How Being on the Fringes of Europe Gives Our Company a Global Edge

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2015 was an incredible year for entrepreneurs. With your leadership through #LikendisLikesUNite, we have achieved Goal 8, the global goal of job creation and economic opportunity for all, with the support of more than 1.2 billion people – now a priority absolute for the United Nations for the next 15 years.

The second biggest achievement was the completion of an in-depth quantitative study on women entrepreneurs in 31 countries around the world. The global dashboard of women entrepreneurs is made up of 70% of the world’s female population, in order to gain a macroeconomic perspective on what needs to change to help entrepreneurs grow.

Now that we know the barriers faced by small businesses and have managed to put them at the top of the United Nations list, the hard work begins. We are implementing key elements of Goal 8 to create the 600 million new jobs by 2025 that the United States needs to employ all of the eligible workforce. We focus on country-level initiatives, while working with world leaders to increase entrepreneurs’ access to our four pillars of success – capital, markets, talent and technology.

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We are in an election year and everyone is paying attention to you – the job creators. Let’s take advantage of; here is where we need your help:

Capital city.

It is difficult, and sometimes impossible, for entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses when policies are not business friendly. Developing tax codes that support easy-to-understand entrepreneurship and innovation is key to unlocking the potential of a founder. In the long run, leaders unleash the potential of an entrepreneur to create the jobs needed to stimulate the economy and make the nation as a whole more competitive. Equally important is the creation of a tax environment that allows entrepreneurs to fail and restart. We insist that heads of government recognize this, and encourage them to provide development grants and special compliance assistance to startups so they can grow.


To be ready for the future, today’s entrepreneurs must be global from the start. They must seek customers, partners, suppliers, workers and materials beyond their immediate area. To enable small towns to become global businesses, we advocate for a reduction in trade and non-tariff barriers and healthy purchasing policies. We are also asking for programs that make it easier to start a business, like a one-time registration program. This is how you cross the barriers.

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Finding top talent is essential for any ambitious entrepreneur. Networking groups, such as the Dell Women’s LikendisLike Network for global entrepreneurs and the Circular Board or 1776 for burgeoning American businesses, make it easier for progressives to meet like-minded people. Immigration policies that welcome highly skilled talent are also necessary to create competitive businesses. Finally, we need to focus on encouraging entrepreneurship among children. So we focus on programs that inspire children to think big and engage them in science, technology, engineering and math, because that’s how we create the next generation of talent.


Emerging technologies significantly reduce the costs of starting and developing a business. We must continue to build to allow each business to succeed. Dell has partnered with world-class technology leaders to keep businesses secure and agile, and it will continue to innovate. We have also urged leaders to make high-speed Internet access a priority, through public-private partnerships, municipal initiatives and funding, as this will help create new businesses that have never been possible before.

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By 2030, our vision is to enable one billion entrepreneurs to evolve and be ready for the future. We are optimistic, we can achieve it if we stay focused on these four pillars and our wonderful partners!

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