3 Fast Steps to Help You Get to Market — Right Now

3 Fast Steps to Help You Get to Market -- Right Now

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For many entrepreneurs, getting this great idea to market quickly is essential. But speed and precision are often at opposite ends of the contractor’s balance beam.

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There is a definite trade-off between spending enough time to do things right and wasting time on things that need to be handled with less hassle. And as an entrepreneur, you already know that your task is to find the right balance.

This push between doing the job exactly quickly and doing it right intensifies even more if what you do is something that is public – like a website, a press advertisement – even the name of the company itself. .

After all, nobody wants to screw up in public. And even making minor mistakes can damage your brand and your business before you even start. Nothing says “unprofessional” more than a typo or an amateur-looking corporate logo.

It is possible, however, to quickly and well obtain good products and services for publicly available start-up companies. So, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who are pushing you and your team to get into the market at lightning speed, here are some links to bookmarks and shortcuts to take to get your project up and running immediately.

1. Setting up your domain name and your logo – quickly.

Instead of spending hours checking available domain names online, to be frustrated with what is not available, BrandBucket has collected literally thousands of .com domain names for almost every business. Brandbucket has even already associated these names with logos designed by professionals so that entrepreneurs can also skip this step. It is a one stop shop. In 15 minutes, you can have a great domain name and logo while your competitors always connect combinations to domain searches.

“Most entrepreneurs understand that time is money,” said CEO and founder of Margot Bushnaq Brandbucket. “I started as an entrepreneur, so I know how long it can take the right name, the right domain, and the right logo. That’s why we’ve created a way to avoid most of these headaches. “

2. Setting up and running your website – quickly.

Once you have a domain and company name and logo, you will need a website. Square has beautiful designs that can be customized quickly to meet almost any need. Better still, they are integrated into the e-commerce capacity; That way, you don’t have to search for merchant services separately and integrate them into your online storefront. Square also offers business loans. So once you get started, it’s another step you may be able to skip.

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3. Make your PR machine hum – quickly.

With a company name, domain and website in hand, entrepreneurs looking to establish their footprint in the market will need to get the word out – especially through search engine optimization (SEO).

It can take a while to find a public relations expert or a company that matches your business. Until you do, there are some fairly easy-to-use DIY resources to help spread the word. One good is PRWeb, the online press release distribution service.

Like most online distribution services, PRWeb is more effective at boosting your SEO than at generating real readers and market penetration. But, for a few hundred dollars, you can get links to your press ad in hundreds of outlets in minutes. “Getting links to your website is valuable,” Alyssa Miller told me. Miller is the director of AMMediaWorks, a New York full-service public relations firm that specializes in working with technology companies and start-up entrepreneurs.

“It will not replace good message development, quality storytelling or media presentation,” added Miller of the important task of getting links to websites, “but it can be part of the mix.” full of public relations. And it’s fast. “

With BrandBucket, Square and PRWeb, any entrepreneur can go from idea to market in a matter of hours. You could take orders, develop leads, and improve the ranking of your pages while your competitors still chop the color of their logo.

Even better, you can market your products not only quickly, but professionally.

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