14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

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Everyone has had moments of fed up with their work at some point in their lives. Sure, quitting your job frees you up for a lot of other possibilities, but is that really the solution? Are you ready to look for another job or follow your passion for starting your own business? Maybe you want to quit your job to travel the world, but are you ready for that financially?

Quitting your job is a big decision and there are many different aspects to consider. You should carefully weigh all the pros and cons. Therefore, ask yourself the questions below to make sure you are really ready to quit your current job for something else.

1. What really frustrates me about my current job? (This may be related to the job or the workplace.)

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2. What do I want for my career? What is my ultimate goal?

3. What makes me happy? What is my real passion?

4. Do I have a plan for a new job search? In what area will I look for my new job?

5. How long will it take me to find another job?

6. If I want to start my own business, do I have a realistic plan for starting it? Is the timing correct? How much should I invest? How long will it take me to start making money?

7. Am I financially secure? Do I have enough money to cover my expenses for a year?

8. What about health insurance or other types of benefits like retirement? Am I ready to let them go for a while? If yes, for how long?

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9. How long have I been working in my current position? Have I gained enough experience from this work? What about my previous positions? How long have I worked in my previous jobs? Was that enough?

10. How is my current work trip?

11. Is my job no longer difficult or are my tasks repetitive? Did I do everything I could to make it more interesting?

12. Do I have a career path in this business? Does this work evolve professionally?

13. Is this decision made because of emotions? Do I have trouble working with my boss / colleagues?

14. Am I overworked? Is this decision made because I don’t have a work / life balance? Is it always like this or are certain times of the year busier than others? (For example, accounting firms have a busy season from fall to spring, so employees generally work overtime during this period.)

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